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NHMM is a Liberal Baptist Ministry that is under the direction of its founder the Rev. Marie Yvonne

This ministry is more open than the mainstream Christians. If you are a free Christian and have your own beliefs, you will be welcome here with us, we turn no one away, and our ministry is open to all Christians. We invite you to visit our Chapel and if you like what you see and do not have a home church or are disillusioned by what you have been learning, we would love to have you join us 

Our motto is:  Alone we can do little but together we can bring hope and love to many

To share the things that I've learned over the years through ministry. NHWM is not a staffed ministry but my personal ministry of sharing with others. 

My focus is on teaching other ladies the skills and know-how to work confidently with other women so that they may enjoy the fruits and benefits of building a Creative Ladies Ministry among the women they work with or are in contact with. When I first gained Internet access when all things Internet were fairly new,

I started posting devotionals on a group that I started on Facebook that I called Meditations To Calm The Soul, I received a very good response from a lot of people. I began the NHMM website as an extension of the EMMI website and this lead me to start up a  Women's Ministry.I decided to start sharing the things I'd learned in ministry 


We provide what the mainstream churches provide except that our views are more relaxed and we are not bogged down in dogma.


We perform weddings, funerals, baby dedications or baptisms in which you can write out your own vows or use ours, Weddings are open to traditional as well as the homosexual union. We perform marriage and re-marriages


Rev. Marie's stand on abortion depends on the circumstances. She likes to pass on to our youth the message that they should always have respect and control over their own bodies. Be aware and educated on STDs and always guard against them.

The New Hope Ministry and Missions is the ministry that takes care of all our celebrations, takes care of all our Laypeople concerning worship and it is the ministry that is in charge of the chapel. Under the supervision of Rt. Rev. Marie Yvonne, with the RTT Ministry, is the one who deals directly with all our members and works under the Franciscan Abbey of Immanuel Communion of Love.

Rev. Marie 

NHMM statement of faith: