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This part of the website is dedicated to all religious buildings that we visited or drove by while we travelled or on a Sunday Drive Tour. In some of them, we enter and chat with the staff or others people, we walked around or just took a picture through the car windshield or window.

Have a good visit, God bless!

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  1. The www.iclfa.ca (this site) is for religious purposes. Eric Michel Ministries International Catholic Chaplaincy (FAICL - OFE) is a Christian corporation with headquarters based in Ottawa Ontario and Halifax Nova Scotia. The Church traces its founding to Jesus and the Twelve Apostles and regards the bishops as the literal successors of the Apostles, holding their keys of authority. Eric Michel Ministries International Catholic Chaplaincy considers itself part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. While it derives its Apostolic Succession from the teaching of the Apostles, we are not in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church and differ from them theologically in several important respects.

  2. The www.ericmichelministries.ca is concerning our chaplaincy and blog. FAICL provides Chaplaincy service to EMS, Fire, Paramedic and Police agencies on-scene and “behind the scene” with an emphasis on Critical Incident Stress mitigation. The services offered by Emergency Ministries are without regard to religious affiliation, on issues involving things such as; fatalities involving children, multiple fatality accidents, deaths of co-workers, marital problems, substance abuse issues and the like. EMMI Road Warriors' Ministry is Christ-centred chaplaincy. We are a holistic ministry nurturing the whole person's body and spirit. Our ministry serves the communities of truckers, bikers (motorcyclists) and travellers for work or tourists. We touch the world by helping our neighbours by providing care like our Saint Patron Francis of Assisi. Most religions have traditions regarding the spirituality of animals, which intersects with human life positively. We must be conscious, aware and respectful towards all living creatures, big and small animals, including flours, plants, and trees. Also, EMMI has a Nature Ministry aiming at all living things; we named it "Animal Chaplaincy," It is actually about people and how we interconnect with the animals around us and all nature in general.

  3. www.ericmichelministries.net for our photos taken during our trips for work and pleasure and including our IAoC ministry . The interdenominational initiative aimed at greater cooperation among Christian churches. We strive for greater mutual respect, toleration, and cooperation among other Christians,.as Catholic and Protestant spiritual unity suffices us, the most important in Christian ecumenism is that people focus primarily on Christ, not on separate church organizations. We all see the risen Christ at work in the lives of various Christian churches. We overcome in the faith in Christ to be one in him and love one another as a witness to the world.

  4. www.ericmichelministries.com continue our photos taken during our trips for work and pleasure and including our IAoC ministry

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