Would you like to take a journey following the path of St. Francis?

It is a rigorous process of becoming a member of our religious Order of Saint Francis
It takes commitment and the desire to make a fulfilling journey and to help those in need of help and at the same time.
To take vows in our religious community and to strive to reach the same goal.
Receiving the calling to spiritual life is not for everyone, but for those who do Receive, it is so rewarding.
Formation in our Franciscan Order of the Eric Michel Ministries International includes:

  1. Postulancy is the beginning of the formal inquiry process. Once approved, the postulant will learn more about the Order and its Rule and
    practices and complete formation assignments.
  2. A background check is required for all postulants prior to entering the novitiate.
  3. Novitiate: When a postulant has accomplished their requirements of a postulancy and is approved, the postulant makes the initial
    profession as a novice you need to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Ministry to be ordain as minister or a diploma in Ministry for lay chaplains.
  4. After completing the above courses and with the Order's approval, the novice makes life profession as a member of Eric Michel Ministries
    International Third Order of Saint Francis, with all the rights and responsibilities of the Order.
  5. Like any of our denominations all membership is open to men and women.

To contact us for more information at tosf@ericmichelministries.com

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