The Brothers and Sisters of the Franciscan Order of Eric Michel Ministries International Chaplaincy commit to the Rule of Life

The Holy Eucharist:
Since we see the Eucharist as the heart of our prayer, our personal rule would call us to frequent participation in this Sacrament.

The simplicity of Living:
Simplicity calls us to examine our giving of self.  We are called to a life of simplicity, eliminating those aspects of ourselves and our lives,
which prevent our full expression of God’s love.

Personal Prayer:
We set aside a definite time for prayer each day to spend time with God, pray for others, meditate, and express our thankfulness. Prayer is
the root of our lives and ministries.

Regular examination of our obedience to Christ is necessary.

The discipline of saying “No” to oneself by putting God first. We are often aware of the places in our lives where additional self- discipline
is needed.

Education and Study:
We all need to learn more about God and His will for us. Study of the Scriptures and Franciscan spirituality is essential to our Christian growth.
We also encourage our brothers and sisters to continue in Seminary to learn and then teach.

To be obedient to the decisions of the Bishops, the Symposium and our Order. To say the daily prayer, attendance when possible to all events.
To pledge financial support to our Order, it is the means of the member to do so.

The Franciscan Order of Eric Michel Ministries International follows the creeds and confessions of the Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming
and invite other Christian denominations to follow an Ecumenical Christian path. Our order is a diverse group with members’ church affiliation
of Protestant and other denominations. We are an order of men and women who are dedicate in following the footsteps of Saint Francis.