Our Beliefs & History

Jesus in His ministry created 2 sacraments the Holy Baptism and the Holy Eucharist.
We are an Ecumenical organisation so we practice the open communion.
Société Universelle du Nouveau Syncrétisme
March 1978 – July 1993
(Universal Society of New Syncretism)

RTT Ministry is the continuation of S.U.N.S.

S.U.N.S., mission was research and compilation. The twelve members spend days in documentations,
in libraries and in writing. Today we find the same passion in R.T.T Ministry:

The Did you know?, Classes and the Mediatech S.U.N.S. Société Universelle du Nouveau Syncrétisme
March 1978 – July 1993  (Universal Society of New Syncretism) Nothing in common with gnostic, but the
work then was transferred. The knowledge do not change, faith yes it can, but history change only with
new discovery. R.T.T Ministry is completely dependable of modern sciences..

What R.T.T.Ministry lost in Knowledge after the transfer?
I, (Eric Michel) did three thesis:
  • How heaven work the spiritual world (BAC)
  • Historical Jesus (Master)
  • The Intelligent Design (And God created the big bang) (Doctor)
Ecumenism is the orientation of all churches of all faiths toward the cosmic absolute of Alpha and Omega

The history of Eric Michel Ministries International is based on documents that we possess, since 2010 we were saying that our roots
started in 1987 leading to the general ordination of the members of S.U.N.S., on December the 7 of the year 1988, when we did the mediatech
on the Bible list on November 6, 2015 we found a Bible with a mark S.U.N.S., and dated of 1978. We are existing at today date for at lease 42
years as of 2020.
I (Eric Michel) went back in school, Quebec University in Hull and The Dominican College in Ottawa. During this time, with co-students and
friends the foundation of Society Universal of New Syncretism, we were twelve and then SUNS was born, a Gnostic Church. (no not like the
apostles and their leader remember they were 13). In 1993 we became the Universal Christian Gnostic Church (EGCU) who became:
"Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry" of EMMI today. 1987 I was ordained on December 7th., and became a Bi-vocational Pastor the
church is at 70% similar to the catholic but with a good 30% that came from the early christian and the apocrypha gospels.
The earlier research had begun when a Grade 8 teacher asked us to research homework, and I had no idea what theme to choose, by chance my father left
on the buffet document from a club on UFOs when I am just 14 or 15 years old. By nature, I always as far as I can remember liking esoteric stuff, and I was
interested in these things when the opportunity arise. I read a lot from 1977, and from books to books, I started to question my faith; it is true everything we
have learned in the little catechist and sacred history? Born into a Roman Catholic family, and my grandparents were more Catholic than the Pope.

I put myself in search of the truth while continuing with my reading and watching television from Karl the Night Stalker program to X-File, with all included
we can see in the '50s to the '90s.

After long research on the truth, I establish a syncretic group, including teaching the spiritual masters Mani which Christian belongs to the current  Gnostic
Mani says very early in contact with an angel and is an imitator of Jesus' life. He began to preach to 240, but his encounter with the Sassanid king
Shapur I in 250 will decide the success of his doctrine: the monarch conceived the interest of a national religion to unify his empire. The monarch gave him
So the right to spread his Teaching throughout the Empire Persia freely. The new faith quickly grew, and communities multiplied under his watchful eye.
Mani preached in Aramaic as Jesus had done, and Buddha, including spiritualism and the spiritual discoveries that I had founded with eleven friends who
invested body and soul to the task to establish in 1986-87 the first congregation.

The fallout from a Bible course at the Dominicans at University College Dominican on Empress Avenue Ottawa, Ontario. At this precise moment, during a
class,  the teacher, an over 80 years old priest, criticized the TOB (Ecumenical Translation of the Bible). The old geezer contradicted the Teaching of the
University of Quebec in Sherbrooke at the TV station Radio-Quebec where a modern teacher and his team have a very well historically documenting Bible

But also on additional information footnotes pages of the saying TOB, the words of the Bible were direct from God himself and that the facts textually are
real (based his interpretation adequately understood) and disowned the archaeological evidence and discoveries. It broke my heart; I was wrong not to
understand the rejection of science. Thus was born the Universal Society of New Syncretism. I remember my friend, Sylvain, helping me develop an
artwork for several nights that represented our logo, who will represent all the church teaching in a glance in 1991. We were 12 members located in the
city of Hull on Benedict Street.

In 1993 all members separated for many reasons. I returned to work for an organization that help substance abuse people as a street worker.

May 2010, The total work in research, studying, and exploring resulted from the drop of all Church Organization and became Deist a big shock for many
people but a natural step for the ones surrounding me.

My last years as Gnostic had many inclined arguments toward the Deism Faith. On August 3rd, 2010 was born Eric Michel Ministries and the chaplaincy
on July 30th of the same year.

In May 2012, I met Rev. Marie Arnold, who became the co-founder of the chaplaincy under Eric Michel International and the founder of the ministry New
Hope Ministry and Missions
The Link Or Return To The Origin

The Cosmic Christ is defined as that aspect of God that pervades all of Creation, the Christ who "fills the universe in all its parts" (Ephesians 1:23).
François, Claude (dit Frère Luc)
Description: Saint Bonaventure
Date between 1650 and 1660
Public domain        
This work is in the public domain in its country of origin
and other countries and areas where the copyright
term is the author's life plus 70 years or fewer.
United States public domain
The Franciscan teaching of this is based firmly in the theology of Bonaventure and Scotus that flows from the spirituality of Francis and Clare and their early
followers. It is basically Trinity-centered and Christ-centred. The Cosmic Christ may include if existence is proven of the multiverses.
From Gnostic teaching to the new catholic teaching at EMMI
In May 2012, I was co-ordained Unitarian Minister, and in 2015 EMMI Christian Unitarian Chaplaincy changed for Non-Denominational Christian Chaplaincy
where all Christians of any denominations can be members.

The word catholic (with lowercase c; derived via Late Latin catholicus, from the Greek adjective katholikos, meaning "universal" comes from the Greek phrase
katholou, meaning "on the whole", "according to the whole" or "in general", and is a combination of the Greek words "about" and "whole". catholic is an
adjective synonym of universal, diverse, diversified, wide, broad, broad-based, eclectic, liberal, latitudinarian; from Old French catholique or late Latin
catholicus, from Greek katholikos' universal,' from kata 'with respect to' + holos' whole.'

To be catholic is to participate in christogenesis attentive to the spirit who is creating all-new. The energy
of wholeness, a new catholicity, a new creation Christ Omega CATHOLICITY is the energy of evolution,
the spirit of love toward Omega.

Gnosis Faith
God is a transcendent entity unknowable (like the Deism) through our limited human senses God the ONE,
the Divine, the Source, the Good created the Aeons. Aeons are principles of spiritual elements: the Truth,
the Faith, Love, Intelligence and Sophia (Wisdom) Our goal is to live in Harmony, in fullness toward heaven.

Sofia (an Aeons emanate from God)
Sofia created Christ, the Creator, the Craftsman. Jesus' words:" the kingdom of heaven is here." It's a
spiritual transcendence achievable in this life, in this body, right here and now, freedom is within.

The pursuit of gnosis which means knowledge.
Gnosis is a unique spiritual knowledge that's sometimes like what we might call revelation. It is a spiritual
insight of the meaning and nature of things. Gnostics believe that human contain in themselves a part of
the Divine and with their own power the achievement of salvation.

Christ is not human at all, but only seems to be. Jesus and Christ are separate being, Jesus is human.
Christ a spiritual Principe that enabled him great things. Jesus became Christ when Sofia called the
Logos on him at is baptism. Gnostic believe that human could symbolically die in the physical world and
resurrect through knowledge of the Christ within.

Christ The Big Bang
From Ilia Delio Teaching and adapted from my own Christian Gnostic faith.

Catholicity is the energy of evolution toward Omega. We need to change our metaphysics science to
the new one the hyper-physic Christianity was mostly created in the middle age from the teaching of
the ancient Greeks and was geocentric. All turn around the earth and we human at is centre.

Mystical Explanation:
Now with all the facts we can extrapolate our story of knowledge, our revelation as we are all part of
the Divine caused by the big bang and the fall out of a super nova on earth trough the evolution we where
born (Darwin) and in us we are part of God/Christ. Sofia created Christ the Creator, the Craftsman or God
wisdom named Christ created a singularity that bang the universe in a second and it's expansion during

  • Christ is the spark, the singularity
  • Christ is evolution from the big bang in union of love.
  • Christ is the motif of Creation
  • Christ is the whole cosmos
  • Christ is the redeemer
  • The big bang is the unfolding of God consciousness
  • Jesus is the evolvution
  • Jesus is the whole maker
  • Where all religions will converge toward the Omega Point
  • We are the universe and the universe is in us. (Like in star dust), also we are part of the universe
  • All is interconnected and lie at the core of all that exist and are interdependent.

I believe in:
  1. One
  2. Holy
  3. Whole making
  4. Spirit of love

religion, with interests in evolution, physics
and neuroscience and the import of these for