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Emerging since the 19th century, there are several Protestant adherents and groups, sometimes organized as religious orders, which strive to
adhere to the teachings and spiritual disciplines of Saint Francis.

The 20th-century High Church Movement gave birth to Franciscan-inspired orders among the revival of religious orders in Protestant Christianity.

One of the results of the Oxford Movement in the
Anglican Church during the 19th century was the re-establishment of religious orders,
including some of Franciscan inspiration. The principal Anglican communities in the Franciscan tradition are the Community of St. Francis
(women, founded 1905), the Poor Clares of Reparation (P.C.R.), the
Society of Saint Francis (men, founded 1934), and the Community of
St. Clare (women, enclosed).

A U.S.-founded order within the Anglican world communion is the Seattle-founded order of Clares in Seattle (Diocese of Olympia), The Little
Sisters of St. Clare.

There are also some small Franciscan communities within European Protestantism and the Old Catholic Church. There are some Franciscan
orders in Lutheran Churches, including the Order of Lutheran Franciscans, the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, and the Evangelische Kanaan
Franziskus-Bruderschaft (Kanaan Franciscan Brothers). In addition, there are associations of Franciscan inspiration not connected with a
mainstream Christian tradition and describing themselves as ecumenical or dispersed.

The Anglican church retained the Catholic tradition of blessing animals on or near Francis' feast day of 4 October, and more recently Lutheran
and other Protestant churches have adopted the practice.

Orthodox churches
St Francis' feast is celebrated at New Skete, an Orthodox Christian monastic community in Cambridge, New York.

Other faiths
Outside of Christianity, other individuals and movements are influenced by the example and teachings of Saint Francis. These include the
popular philosopher Eckhart Tolle, who has made videos on the spirituality of Saint Francis.

The interfaith spiritual community of Skanda Vale also takes inspiration from the example of Saint Francis, and models itself as an interfaith
Franciscan order.

St Francis' Way
In 2019, the Umbria tourist board was continuing the process of refurbishing the route from Florence to Rome that Francis is believed to have
used. Called the Via di Francesco or Cammino di Francesco, the 550 kilometer St Francis Way "pilgrimage route" is intended for travel on foot
or by bicycle.