Welcome to the home of the Third Order of Saint Francis under Eric Michel Ministries International.

Peace and all Good from the Franciscan brotherhood!

Living the Gospel in the Footsteps of
St. Francis of Assisi

The EMMI Third Order of St. Francis Chaplaincy is one branches of EMMI Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming Conference.
We do not live together in "convents" or friaries. Our Order is spread throughout the world and includes priests, ministers,
lay brothers and sisters. We will be affiliate in the near future to the Order of Lesser Sisters and Brothers

In Christ's name, we continue the ministry of healing so fundamental to the understanding of Saint Francis.
Our Order is chapter of  the EMMI Nonconforming Methodist Chaplaincy in Canada.
We invite Religious Christians to follow our
Ecumenical path.

We are a body of Christians who are followers of Christ after the examples of
Francis, Anthony and Clare of the Franciscan Order.
We are a self-governing Ecumenical Third Order of Franciscans that is open to all Christians who wish to be a part of our Franciscan

Our order is a group of men and women of Christian Protestant and other denominations.  We are an order of men and women who have
dedicated ourselves in following the footsteps of Saint Francis.

Our members serve as Chaplain Minister in the community and work in the capacities in helping the needy.

We are a loving order that does not discriminate based on age, race, physical capabilities, marital status, employment or social status.  
We do not live in a monastery, friary or convent, and we do not require our members to give up their jobs, nor to move away from their home,
friends and families. We will not ask you to make a life-changing sacrifice to belong to our Order.

Our way of conduct is in our Rule of Life, based on the Original Rule, established in 1221, for the First Order of Franciscans.  We strive to lead
our lives according to the words and work of Christ, and by the example and spirituality of our fraternal father Saint Francis of Assisi.

Our traditional Vows are the following:

  1. Poverty equals the simplicity of life in all things.
  2. Chastity equals love.  All members are in a loving relationships.
  3. Obedience equals joy
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