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Required Reading

On our site, the use of the masculine to designate persons has no other purpose than to lighten the text.
The material supplied on our sites are to provide informational purposes only. Always consult us before taking or making any decision regarding our services.
The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches and New Hope Ministry and Missions, Eric Michel Pentecostal, Harvestime Bible Academy, Footsteps of Jesus Seminary &
Bible Academy are Ministries of Eric Michel Ministries International and concerning our affiliates and partners EMMI are not responsible and cannot be held liable for the
contents of this website.

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Currently only two people support these sites on a regular basis. In order for them to continue to be developed funding is urgently required. If you found these sites
helpful you might wish to support them in the following ways:

  1. Link to these sites from your own website to us.
  2. If you shop on the Internet consider merchant links on our sites as a starting point when buying books or anything else. Commission from sales goes towards site
  3. You can donate via this via email

Please Give a Bible for our International Churches
Bible to be sent to our churches members NIV or KJV

Bible Donation
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