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Associate or Affiliate which one we should choose?

Note 02:
The word church in here designate a religious corporation

The terms associate is used to describe a church partnership where EMMI doesn't have any vote of the
associate church administrative board. The associate church have a vote in EMMI administrative board
as one church = one vote.

associate Church is an alliance between two or more churches to reach a common goal (or goals),or
share a common  interest  and use the same resource to achieve it. We maintain a standard and protect
the interests of our members. In other words, it is an alliance referring to an agreement between two or
more Churches, made in order to merge efforts,  advance common goals and  secure common interests.

an associate can be a member (also) of  an EMMI FOUNDATION who is financed by a donation or
legacy to aid research,  education the arts etc., and provides funds for charities. In that case the Church
associate member have equal power at the administrative board and REM (or delegate) have no veto

vote of that  church administrative board. The affiliate church members have a maximum of 3
representatives in EMMI administrative board and as three votes.

Note 03:
REM founder of the EMMI (or delegate) have a veto right on decisions of  the administration board.

An affiliate Church carry EMMI  Logo and name and govern as a division of  EMMI.  Only an affiliate Church
representative can be member of the Council who is a body of people summoned, elected, appointed or
convened to serve in an advisory,  consultative, administrative or legislative capacity.

Also as affiliate partnership, the requirement is much more than an associate partnership.

This is why:
The cleric has become a cleric because he was ordained. This ordination has certain effects, both
sacramental and canonical. The sacramental effect  configures the ordinand in a particular way with

Christ by the invocation of the Holy Spirit.

During the liturgy of ordination, and prior to the moment of ordination itself, the bishop asks: “Do you  
promise respect and obedience to me and to my           

Through this promise and subsequent ordination, the newly-ordained deacon is sacramentally changed

at the core of his being and also becomes linked permanently in a relationship with his regional church.

This particular effect of ordination also has a canonical effect and is referred to as incardination. That

will be even if you are a congregation because you will be under a Bishop if we have a clergy
representative or a lay minister in charge under the name of Dean.

Church leader will become our Executive Director running the church on our behalf, we do not interfere

with the Board of Elders, they are independent but the faith is under our supervision to make sure you
stay on the right path of a Christian church, no matter if you are Evangelic, Baptist, Pentecostal, or any of
the long list of the Christian denominations.

After the process of affiliation your staff clergy or lay minister and deacon will be co-ordained by us and

we will certify them, provide them with a license and a letter of good standing.

robes, candles and Communion elements.

The church building incurs costs for heating, lighting and insurance, some have to pay water rates, rent or
mortgage. Larger churches may employ someone to look after:
administration, printing, stationery and postage have to be paid for

It is right that affiliated ministry should pay the expenses incurred as part of their pastor's ministry in the

Money has to be spent on materials. Church buildings must be kept in good repair, too, and regular
inspections arranged.

The work of Eric Michel Ministries International on behalf of all affiliated churches. Negotiating with
government departments, working with other Churches and
running the General Assembly and all the help given by EMMI officers to churches.

The Eric Michel Ministries International and its partners and associate are called to work together in God's
mission for wholeness of life.
Associates grow from collaboration within ecumenical, global, and social movements.

Associates are how we live out right relationships that reflect Christ’s character of justice and love, based on
respect, equality, trust, sharing, and transparency.

We work with partners and associate in the reduction of oppression, poverty, and conflict in a  world
transformed by love of Christ.

These relationships enable Eric Michel Ministries and partners/associates to work of courage and faith in the
environnement that can include oppression, poverty, and
conflict challenges and calls us in Eric Michel Ministries International to deepen our understanding of and
commitment to our Partners and Associates in all its forms
called to receive and to give.

Eric Michel Ministries International Associates work centred in principles that include equality, trust, and
mutual respect, and shared commitment to resist all forms
of oppression.

  1. A greater impact
  2. Small church, budget and lack of people limits the ability to have a full complement of ministry
  3. Partnership works according to design, it grows and breaks barriers
  4. Provide advice during the planning Church Ministry priorities
  5. Checking policies and practices to ensure consistency with partnership principles
  6. Study Programs and seminars
  7. More  Prayer for your Ministry
  8. More Teaching Partners
  9. Support with your Ministry
  10. Health insurance plan for clergy if qualified
  11. All staff: Directors, Ministers, Church Leaders, Board of Elders
  12. Church own website
  13. All staff: Directors, Ministers, Church Leaders, Board of Elders Workplace to manage your team and     
    be with other churches  teams
  14. Church Management software
  15. Fund raising eStore
  16. A seminary and a Bible Academy for your community
  17. And much more to come...

You will find all information about partnership in
                      International Partnerships

                       Please note: We do not financially support organism or individual

EMMI does not have its own foreign mission program but rather the EMMI in Canada does offer a
partnership program to all churches around the world for:
  1. Christian Churches
  2. Christian Not-for-profit  Organizations and
  3. Clergy Members
It is ministries in which churches in partnership around the world can establish themselves by combining
forces and eliminating competitions. EMMI Canada is assisting independent churches in other countries
for partnership or associations in their own country based on a goal to bring blessings to the Church and
to bring Glory to God by encouraging mutual caring and sharing of churches.

For the associate option we will have a legal relationship with these other associates, this mean that we
work to find funds if a need is presented in last resort mainly all Church member are totally independent
financially and govern by their own Board of Elders.

EMMI in Asia, Africa and America. We are at the very beginning of this new and very exciting International
Partnership. We are working to partnership with you, helping to bring the Word of God to Christian and
Non-Christians alike. If you are interested in this International Opportunities, please contact us with a
proposal from your Board of Elders.
Note 01:
We accept membership from organism which are distinctly Christian, but we find that the faith of Unitarian
Universalist, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, to be inconsistent with our fundamental beliefs about
the divinity of Christ and His purpose for the church.

Therefore, we do not encourage people holding these views to apply, unless they convert with a letter of
reference form an authorized Christian minister.