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    We created the association of Churches in 2017 at the request of an evangelical church in Uganda
    and a United Methodist from Malawi.

    We have a partnership in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Still, a more considerable amount of members
    are in Africa. Thus, we decide to create an African Group of Churches, Para-Churches, clergies,
    elders and ministry leaders.

    We already have a Blog at since 2019 and now a Facebook Group

    We invite all our African clergy members to be part of this group. Like any of our other groups, all
    posts MUST be in English or French for supervision.

    Sorry to our African American and African Canadian members; the group is for African people only.
Reasons for considering joining IAoC via African Churches Association

  1. Our stance on the authority of the Word of God.
  2. Our Plurial Theology.
  3. We do not own your property.
  4. Our strong emphasis on missions.
  5. Our church planting efforts.
  6. The high quality of anointed Bible preaching ministries.
  7. You may withdraw at anytime with a vote of your congregation without loss of property or reprisals.

    I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. The beast of the field shall
    honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in
    the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen. This people have I formed for myself; they
    shall shew forth my praise.~Isaiah 43:19 - 21 King James Version
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    Process for Partnership at Workplace YOU NEED to send us your email address at

    When accepted you will receive an invitation from us Harvestime Bible Academy Workplace.

    YOU MUST VALIDATE by login at

    Group Connections per District at Harvestime Bible Academy Workplace:

    District 04 Malawi

    District 05 Uganda

    District 07 Kenya

    District 09 Bangladesh

    District 10 RD Congo

    District 11 Nigeria

    District 12 Zambia

    District 30 South Africa

    District 32 Mozambique

    District 33 Burundi

    District 34 Liberia

    District 35 Togo

    District 36 Ghana

    District 37 Cameroon

    The EMMI African Association of Churches is a union of religious Christian communities and is
    open only to Churches and Para-Churches Corporation NGO's, individual members within the
    Corporations.  The Religious Corporations that are members are African only; any other need
    to request membership to the EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches (IAoC)

    The agreement of the association between different Christian denominations, individuals, and the
    Ecumenical Association IAoC recognizes the members' membership and independence and
    maintains its own. Each Christian domination agrees to admit members of the other communities
    to participate in the sacraments.  Meaning a clergy person from a denomination ordination is valid
    across all our denominations.  The exception to these rules in celebrating sacraments the member
    theology and belief MUST be the same as the member's denomination.

    Example: A Christian Unitarian cannot be part of a Pentecostal or Methodist as a sacrament
    celebrant. Suppose he/she doesn't have the same belief, but the member can participate in
    the full of the worship celebration but need to abstain from taking part in communion. In that
    case, unless that organization serves an open communion (Eucharist).

    The association IAoC of Christian Corporation requires from any member the acceptance of all
    Rules, Constitutions, Statutes, or Doctrinal opinion, Sacramental devotion, or liturgical practice
    characteristic to the others, but implies that each believes the others to hold all essential
    elements of the Christian Faith.

    We duly authorized representatives of our respective corporations, as a sign of recognition
    that we are in mutual spiritual kinship and support within our denominations and Christian

    The IAoC association's agreement will be valid from the day that all parties in the partnership
    upon acceptance as a member of IAoC.

    According to the NGO or NFP corporation constitution in Canada, all members are Class "A" with
    all the membership privileges and the due fees are paid.

    According to the NGO or NFP corporation constitution in Canada, all members are Class "B" with
    limited membership privileges, and the due fees are at no charge.

    All members of EMMI IAoC and EMMI ACA partnership MUST attend our Workplace at