• The Master Bedroom
Welcome to our Manse
  1. Madonna and the chair
  2. Jesus with sheep's
  3. American Native Dream Catcher
  4. Dominican Republic: Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia
  5. Wolfe's
  6. Canada's 100 Anniversary 1867 - 1967 & Montreal Expo 67     
    with a book about it behind the flags
  7. Bibles for our home Bible Study Group
Last Supper 7 & Communion Table for display.
This is the Chaplain field Kit for distributing the Eucharist.
More DVDs
bottom shelve
Note: the Dream Catcher and this little DVDs white shelves are moved as
seen at the bottom of the page.

The room count 2 crucifix and a cross also 4 bookshelves
A TV and a DVD Player.

Also in the closet you can find Eric's personal day to day clothes
Chaplain Uniforms and Liturgic Garment and Clergy Shirts
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