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Our Rules Concerning Donation:

CL010.1.1 MEMBERS In General. The corporation shall have two classes of members: Class "A" full member with the right of
vote, and Class "B" a follower with not right of vote.

Individual Members
Individual members shall be natural persons. Individual members shall become members upon paying the annual dues in the
amount set from time to time by the Board of Elders of Elders Advisers and Accountability. Individual members shall have the right
to vote for a representative at the board of Elders Advisers and Accountability. The annual membership dues are set by the Board
of Elders usually in September. The fiscal year is the calendar January through December. Dues shall be kept current in order to
participate in the association programs and benefits. Dues are payable by September of each year. (21.00$CAD)

CL10.1.2 To qualify for membership in EMMI as clergy, the applicant must:
Pay yearly membership dues, ministers donation fees plus members donation fees. (Total 65.00$CAD)

CL10.7 Why paying dues to the congregation?
Part of the funds donated do indeed go to help those who are going through hard times. Spiritual leaders have living expenses,
and fellowships have operating expenses. Your donation goes towards meeting those expenses. Paying Membership Due is part
of your financial commitment for the survivance of the Eric Michel Ministries International and members are a vital part of the

Eric Michel Ministries International membership demonstrates your commitment to the solidarity and allows us to continue
working with you and partners for a better society.

Eric Michel Ministries International welcomes both individual and organizational members.

CL020.29.2.5  As for all ministries, no fees are to be charge other than donations as on our Contribution Web Page (bottom of
the page boutons) at
Eric Michel Ministries International. No money goes to the ministers or any clergy members as our job
is voluntary only. Compensation may be given as a donation to the ministers who perform the spiritual service given, but not from
our lay members. Remember a donation is not mandatory and the rule apply to all excerpted wedding where a certain amount
have to be given to our associate partner.

CL025. No member of the clergy shall be entitled to receive any form of stipend or emolument whatsoever from the EMMI
in recompense for their membership or service within the ministries, and nor will the EMMI be responsible for the expenses of
clergy. All clergy are to be fully self-supporting and shall offer their service as voluntarily and without expectation of financial
reward. They shall be responsible for their own tax affairs and in respect of any activities, such as community, wedding or funeral
ministry, for which they may receive donations, are considered by the EMMI to be self-employed.

CL025. Clergy may also solicit a donation for the performance of the following services: funerals; blessings; healing
ministry; baptisms/naming ceremonies and weddings etc. They shall reduce their suggested donation in the event of proven
financial need, though they will not be obliged to perform a service without their expenses such as travel and materials having
been covered. For the funerals of babies and very young children, clergy will seek to cover expenses only. All base on
contribution web page at Eric Michel Ministries International. Members Class A are entitle to no fees or reduce fees

CL025. Clergy may discuss donations to specific works of the EMMI outside of the immediate concerns of their
community when potential donors wish to initiate such a discussion. A report of this discussion must be sent to the clergy
person's Bishop who will determine whether the donation should be accepted and what conditions, if any, should attach to its

Stewardship Task
Tithe literally means “tenth.” In the Old Testament, the tithe referred to God’s people giving the first 10 percent of their gross
income (also called “first fruits”) to God to fund the Levite priests’ ministry (Num. 18:21–29; 27:30). In addition to that, there were
other tithes and offerings required of God’s people, including 10 percent paid for festivals to build community and for celebration
(Deut. 12:10–11, 17–18; 14:22–27), 3 percent given to help the poor (Deut. 14:28–29), crop gleanings collected for the poor
and aliens (Lev. 19:9–10), and other occasional additional tithes above and beyond regular giving (Neh. 10:32–33). All total, the
“mandatory” Old Testament tithe resulted in over 25 percent of a family’s gross income going to God and ministry.

At EMMI the requirement as per 2020 is 21.00$ CDN and a voluntary donation when possible, plus contribution for events, also
the purchase of our partners merchandises.

Members must make every effort to avoid accepting donations or gifts that would knowingly place a hardship on the donor or
their family. Furthermore members will not accept donations or gifts that would place the donor's welfare, or their families welfare
in jeopardy in any way.

EMMI Membership is with a donation of 21.00$ for lay member and a donation of 65.00$ for clergy-person per year.

NB: Volunteers need to pay the 21.00$ donation membership as well.