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It is a great joy to welcome to the site of Harvestime Bible Academy and Seminary Canada

We provides Bible Study with no academic qualifications required, for who just wanting to learn to expand your
knowledge EMHBA is the basic Bible studies and for the ones who want to have a career as a minister or as lay
group leader we recommend the

The In Classes
Courses take place at 19:30 (7.30 pm) on evenings, once a week, annually, from September
to May. Each course costs 55.00$ or 40.00$ for members. For inquiries, please
contact us
Our personal background is Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming Conference and Independant Baptist
We work interdenominational at our Bible Academy Ministry.

Formed out of the Indian Pentecostal Church and the African United Methodist in Malawi requested in 2017 to work with us.
The "Interdenominational Assembly of Churches was born upon the teaching of Christ. We are an association of members churches
and  para-churches serving members over 25 head churches across the world. Through our local churches and our online ministries,
we provide a Seminary, a Bible Academy, a Missions Outreach program and resources like counselling and support
committee for Ecclesiastical rules and order via our Canon Law and Ecclesiastical College (House of Bishop) and many more.

The IAoC is divided into five regions, Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania overseen by a "District Superintendent Bishop",
who provide the management and spiritual support to the churches that he is responsible. Canada is the central Headquarter
in-which the Archbishop Eric M. Gagnon, Minister & Founder is the international Elected Prelate and executive director of the
organization. Members vote every year upon resolutions and other business of IAoC. All Ministers serve on the membership annual
assembly named the Symposium.
Currently, IAoC provides services upon the following area;
  1. Counselling services
  2. Educational services, the Seminary Footsteps of Jesus & Bible Academy limited to those                                         
    seeking to enter the ministry, and Harvestime Bible Academy for any person who likes to                                             
    know better Christ
  3. Members community chest fund by donation and online store
  4. Prayers services
  5. workshops
  6. Chaplaincy Services
  7. and much more.
and we are NOT using the same programs sources